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What do you need to work with the textbook?
Exercise #10 (tips and solutions)
Renaming the columns and calculations in the result set
Intersect and Except
Adding rows to a table with identity column
DELETE statement
DATEDIFF function
DATEPART function [1,2]
The number-sequence generation
Recursive CTE
More tags: FLOAT, MySQL, data types
Aggregate function to aggregate function
Paging records
Integer division
The sorting and NULL values

aggregate functions Airport ALL AND AS keyword ASCII AVG Battles Bezhaev Bismarck C.J.Date calculated columns Cartesian product CASE cast CHAR CHARINDEX Chebykin check constraint classes COALESCE common table expressions comparison predicates Computer firm CONSTRAINT CONVERT correlated subqueries COUNT CROSS APPLY CTE data type conversion data types database schema date/time functions DATEADD DATEDIFF DATENAME DATEPART DATETIME DDL DEFAULT DEFAULT VALUES DELETE DISTINCT DML duplicates equi-join EXCEPT exercise (-2) exercise 19 More tags
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