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No. DB Level Task Stage T&S
23 A1 3 Find the makers producing at least both a pc having speed not less than 750 MHz and a laptop having speed not less than 750 MHz. Result set: Maker Learn +
24 A1 3 Find the model number of the product (PC, laptop, or printer) with the highest price. Result set: model. Learn
25 A1 3 Find the printer makers which also produce PCs with the lowest RAM and the highest-speed processor among PCs with the lowest RAM. Result set: maker. Learn
26 A1 3 Define the average price of the PCs and laptops produced by maker A. Result set: single total price. Learn +
27 A1 3 Define the average size of the PC hard drive for each maker that also produces printers. Result set: maker, average capacity of HD. Learn +
71 A1 1 Find all the PC makers who have all their models of PC type in the PC table. Learn
30 A2 3 Under the assumption that the income (inc) and expenses (out) of the money at each outlet (point) are registered any number of times a day, get a result set with fields: outlet, date, expense, income. Note that a single record must correspond to each outlet at each date. Use Income and Outcome tables. Learn +
59 A2 3 Calculate the remainder at each outlet for the database with accounts drawn not more than once a day. Result set: point, remainder. Learn +
60 A2 1 Calculate the remainder at each outlet prior to 4/15/2001 for the database with accounts for not more than once a day. Result set: point, remainder. Learn +
32 A3 3 One of characteristics of a ship is one-half cube of calibre of its main guns (mw). Within 2 decimal places, define the average value of mw for the ships of each country which has ships in database. Learn
37 A3 2 Find the classes including only one ship in the database (taking into account Outcomes table). Learn +
38 A3 2 Find the countries having classes of both ordinary ships and cruisers. Learn
39 A3 3 Define the ships that "survived for future battles"; being damaged in one battle, they took part in another. Learn +
46 A3 3 Point out the names, displacements and number of guns of ships participating in the battle at Guadalcanal. Learn +
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