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National Football Championship. Information on a single season of one team. Each game lasts exactly 90 minutes.



Players (player_id, first_name, last_name, nickname, citizenship, dob, role)

player_id -uniform number,

nickname - name on the uniform,

citizenship (NULL for native players),

dob – date of birth,

role - position;


Games(game_id, team, city, goals, game_date, own)

team - opposing team,

city -city where the match took place (NULL if it was a home game),

goals -goals scored by the opponent, including own goals shot by own players (NULL if not scored),

game_date - match date/time,

own - own goals by opposing team (null if there were none);

Participation in games:

Lineups(start, game_id, player_id, time_in, goals, cards)

start - 'B' - the player was in the starting lineup, 'S' - he started the match on the bench;

time_in - playing time in minutes (NULL if the player did not enter the game);

goals - the number of goals the player scored in the match (NULL if he didn't score any goals);

cards – penalty cards: 'Y' (yellow), 'Y2' (two yellow cards), 'R' (direct red), 'YR' (yellow+direct red), NULL (no cards shown).


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