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$edge_id $from_id $node_id $to_id 1900-01-01 Acknowledgements AGE aggregate functions Airport ALL ALTER TABLE AND ANSI_NULLS ANY AS keyword ASCII attribute autoincrementable column AUTO_INCREMENT average value AVG balloon Battles Ben-Gan between Bezhaev bibliography Bismarck BOOLEAN C.J.Date calculated columns Cartesian product CASCADE CASE cast CD drive CEILING CHAR CHARACTER STRING CHARINDEX Chebykin check constraint classes COALESCE collation common table expressions Company comparison predicates Composite intervals Computer firm CONCAT CONCAT_WS CONSTRAINT CONTINUE IDENTITY CONVERT correlated subqueries Cortazar COUNT COUNT(1) CREATE FUNCTION CREATE SEQUENCE CREATE TABLE CROSS APPLY CROSS JOIN CROSSTAB CTE current_timestamp Cypher data type conversion data types database schema DATALENGTH DATEADD DATEDIFF DATEFROMPARTS DATENAME DATEPART DATETIME DATE_ADD DATE_FORMAT DATE_PART date_time functions DBMS DDL DECIMAL DEFAULT DEFAULT VALUES DELETE delimited identifier DENSE_RANK DIFFERENCE DISTINCT DIV DML DML exercises domain DROP TABLE duplicates E.F.Codd edge Entity integrity EOMONTH EPOCH equations root equi-join escape character EXCEPT EXEC exercise (-2) exercise 1 exercise 10 exercise 11 exercise 13 exercise 15 exercise 16 exercise 17 exercise 18 exercise 19 exercise 2 exercise 23 exercise 24 exercise 25 exercise 26 exercise 27 exercise 3 (rating) exercise 30 exercise 32 exercise 37 exercise 38 exercise 39 exercise 43 exercise 46 exercise 5 exercise 51 exercise 53 exercise 54 exercise 55 exercise 56 exercise 57 exercise 59 exercise 6 exercise 60 exercise 7 exercise 70 exercise 71 exercise 77 exercise 78 exercise 8 exercise 93 exercises exercises 18 exist EXISTS EXP EXTRACT Factorial FETCH Fibonacci sequence first day of the week FLOAT FLOOR FOREIGN KEY FROM FULL JOIN generate_series graph graph data model graph DBMS GROUP BY grouping GROUP_CONCAT Guadalcanal HAVING head ships Hopscotch IDENTITY IDENTITY_INSERT IIF IN income income_o INFORMATION_SCHEMA INITCAP inner join INSERT INTEGER integer division INTERSECT INTERSECT ALL INTERVAL IS NOT NULL IS NULL ISNULL Itzik Ben-Gan J. Celko J.D.Ullman J.Widom Joe Celko join operations JSON Kalen Delaney LAG laptop launched year LEAD leap year learning stage LEFT LEFT OUTER JOIN LEN LIKE LIMIT LOG LOG10 logical operators Lorus LOWER LTRIM maker Martin Gruber MATCH MAX Mercadot MERGE MIN MINUS MINUTE mistakes MOD modify money MONTH MySQL NATURAL JOIN NCHAR NEWID NO ACTION node nodes NoSQL NOT NOT EXISTS NOT IN NTILE NULL NULLIF NULLS FIRST NULLS LAST number sequences number-sequence generation numbering NUMERIC OFFSET ON DELETE CASCADE OR Oracle ORDER BY outcome Outcomes outcome_o OUTER APPLY outer joins OUTPUT OVER paging Painting PARTITION BY Passenger Pass_in_trip PATINDEX PC PIVOT PostgreSQL POWER PRECEDING predicates primary key printer problems and solutions product Product query query console query execution plan query optimization Query variables QUOTED_IDENTIFIER RAND random sampling of rows RANGE RANK Ranking functions recursive CTE recycled materials Recycled materials company Reference integrity REFERENCES regular expressions relation relational division Relational model relationship remainder of division renaming columns REPLACE REPLICATE RESTART IDENTITY REVERSE RIGHT RIGHT JOIN RND ROLLUP ROUND rounding row constructor ROWNUM ROW_NUMBER RTRIM running totals select SELECT statement self-join SERIAL SET DATEFIRST SET LANGUAGE SET NULL ships sorting SOUNDEX SPACE splitting strings sql SQL Server SQL Server 2000 SQL Server 2012 SQL Server 2017 SQL Standard SQL-92 SQRT stored procedure STR string comparison string functions STRING_AGG STRING_SPLIT STUFF subquery substraction SUBSTRING SUM sunken ships table constructor tables join teaching sql The order of execution of clauses in SELECT state Three-valued logic TIMEFROMPARTS TIMESTAMP TIMESTAMPDIFF TINYINT tips and solutions TOP N WITH TIES Torus TO_CHAR trailing spaces Transact-SQL Trip TRUNCATE TABLE tuple type conversion typical problems UDF UNBOUNDED UNICODE UNION UNION ALL UNION JOIN UNIQUE uniqueness UNKNOWN UNPIVOT UPDATE UPPER USING utB utQ utV value VALUES varchar VARCHAR(MAX) WHEN MATCHED WHERE wildcard character window functions WITH WITH TIES WITH VALUES WITHIN_GROUP XML XPath XQuery YEAR строковые функции упражнение 23
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