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Grateful acknowledgement

In the first place the author would like to thank his colleagues for their contribution into creation and maintenance of the web site SQL-EX.RU, i.e. to A.V. Maystrenko, O.V. Lyssenko, V.U. Kalinkin, D.I.Valuyev, V.Dolgopolov, without support of whom creation of both the site and the book would be impossible. The author is also extremely grateful to V.I. Gershovich, who was the first to formulate the idea of creation of such a book. The author is also grateful to the authors of the programs and to those, who have contributed to development of the source, and also to numerous visitors, whose mistakes are analyzed in the book. I will not supply the list of their names as they can be found on the web site www.sql-ex.ru.

Two data schemes and wordings of the tasks on such schemes were borrowed from the book by J.Ulman and J.Widom [2], to whom the author also wants to express his gratitude.

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