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Appendix 2. Exercises list page 1

Only the exercises considered in the book are listed here. On a site SQL-EX.RU, besides them, there are many other exercises, and new ones are being added on a regular basis.

No. DB Level Task Stage T&S
1 A1 1 Find the model number, speed and hard drive capacity for all the PCs with prices below 0.  Result set: model, speed, hd.    Learn
2 A1 1 Find printer makers.  Result set: maker.   Learn +
3 A1 1 Find the model number, RAM and screen size of the laptops with prices over 00. Learn
5 A1 1 Find the model number, speed and hard drive capacity of the PCs having 12x CD and prices less than 0 or having 24x CD and prices less than 0. Learn
6 A1 2 Point out the maker and speed of the laptops having hard drive capacity more or equal to 10 Gb. Learn +
7 A1 2 Find out the models and prices for all the products (of any type) produced by  maker B. Learn +
8 A1 2 Find out the makers that sale PCs but not laptops. Learn +
10 A1 1 Find the printers having the highest price. Result set: model, price.   Learn +
11 A1 1 Find out the average speed of PCs. Learn +
13 A1 1 Find out the average speed of the PCs produced by maker A. Learn
15 A1 2 Find the hard drive sizes that are equal among two or more PCs.   Result set: hd. Learn +
16 A1 2 Find the pairs of PC models having similar speeds and RAM. As a result, each resulting pair is shown only once, i.e. (i, j) but not (j, i).   Result set: model with higher number, model with lower number, speed, and RAM. Learn +
17 A1 2 Find the laptop models having speeds less than all PCs. Result set: type, model, speed. Learn +
18 A1 2 Find the makers of the cheapest color printers.  Result set: maker, price.   Learn +
20 A1 2 Find the makers producing at least three distinct models of PCs.  Result set: maker, number of models.   Learn
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